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This is Adam B. Johnson, licensed professional counselor in Birmingham, AL
Adam B. Johnson, LPC

You feel lonely and isolated.

Life isn’t always a walk in the park – especially when others are unable to relate to or understand what you are feeling and experiencing. It seems unavoidable when you are in more conservative areas, such as my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Society wants you to fit into a very structured category with very little leniency leaving you to feel like an outcast in your own home.

You can be surrounded by family and loved ones who care about you and want the world for you, yet you feel secluded and lonely by their inability to understand you.

You struggle with so many personal issues and just want someone you can relate to and help you get through it.

You feel stuck and depressed, and want someone who truly gets you. Someone to give you the little bit of leverage you need to pull yourself out of this emotional rut.

You want to feel accepted and satisfied with life.

Happiness is an obtainable life goal, yet you are stuck feeling pain instead. Your emotional pain can come from many sources, sometimes it comes from others and sometimes from within. Sometimes, it becomes unbearable to the point where you feel you need to turn to alcohol or other substances for relief.

Perhaps you turned to your spiritual community only to find no understanding and the question you get is, "Have you prayed about it?"

These are not effective resolutions to your pain and this is not the life you deserve. You deserve happiness.

You want a satisfying life, where the people around you understand you and your values. You want a sense of identity. You want relief from overbearing emotional pain. You want to be able to overcome your traumas and no longer reach for a bottle after every bad day or experience.

You deserve the best.

Therapy may be the answer to your problems.

I’m Adam B. Johnson, and I’m a licensed therapist.

I’m not the stereotypical Alabamian (and I know you’re not either) – not only am I a man who talks about feelings for a living, but I’m a very open-minded person, a Star Wars nut, a huge music fan, and I like to joke that my babysitters were 80’s movies. Therapy with me is a safe zone where you can speak your mind and feel understood without any fear of judgment.

Contact me to schedule a free initial call to get started.

If you are looking for someone that understands and someone who can validate your experiences, find your truth at Gathering Truth Counseling​.

Together, we’ll work on the basics of self-care and learning to monitor and meet your needs. We will focus on the root cause of what is holding you back from being satisfied with who you are and the life that you are living.