Therapy for Anxiety in Birmingham, Alabama

You wish you could relax.

Rather than feeling insecure, afraid and overwhelmed, you want to feel relaxed and at peace. You want to be able to deal with problems in a healthy way, without getting stressed out and worried. Everyone says you worry too much and that the world isn’t as bad as you think it is, but how can you learn to trust their view given what you experience everyday?

You feel stressed out all the time, every day.

You wish you could deal with everyday problems without flipping out and losing it, worrying that the worst is going to happen. You wish every day didn’t feel like such a struggle, that you didn’t feel this crippling fear that keeps you stuck and unable to enjoy life. You wish you could just relax. The tension, headaches, and fatigue only make it worse.  You may ask yourself, “Am I making myself sick?”  The worst thing is that the advice you get is to “calm down” or “chill”, but you can’t – after all, if you could, you would!

That’s what having anxiety feels like.

Anxiety is like a voice in your head that constantly presents the worst-case scenario and convinces you it’s the most likely one. Whether you screw up at work, miss an appointment, or forget a birthday – these are all common mistakes that people make, but if you have anxiety, these mistakes can seem like the end of the world.

It’s a problem that can be solved with the right kind of help, but without help it can feel overpowering and horrible.

Being constantly stressed out is overwhelming.

Some may not even realize they’re having anxiety when it happens.

Maybe what you need is help from someone like me – a licensed anxiety therapist in Birmingham AL. I have helped many clients deal with anxiety with tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy and stress management techniques.

Finding a therapist who understands you and is able to work with you is a life-changing experience. I am Adam Johnson, and I could be that person for you. I am a licensed anxiety therapist operating from Birmingham, AL, and I can give you the help you need to flourish.

Anxiety therapist in Birmingham, AL

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be able to relax. You deserve to get what you want from life. With some help from me and with the right tools, you can achieve all these things.

To start the process, fill out the form on my website and we’ll set up a free initial consultation (with zero obligations). This consult will be short, and we’ll discuss your problems and see whether I’m a good fit. If we are, we can move further and set up a full session.